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Barrix Housefly Trap with 1 set Lure


Superior features of Barrix Housefly Lures:

  • Contains highly pure para-pheromones.
  • Kairo / Phero lures are toxic free.
  • Uses highly successful aggregate pheromones.
  • Sustained release through AVP matrix.
  • Bio-degradable formulation.

Special Features of Barrix Domo Trap:

  • Patented &Scientifically designed.
  • Trap thermally stable & recyclable.
  • Protect Lure from UV rays.
  • Sturdy at all climatic conditions.
  • Research based pest alluring colour.
  • Long lasting performance.
  • Ample holding capacity upto 30,000 flies.
Pack contains: 1 Housefly Trap and 1 set Lure