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Maple EM.1 Hariyali (1Ltr)

536.00 509.00
Maple EM.1 Hariyali maintain the soil microbial balance by suppressing harmful microbes and increase beneficial microbes (Agriculture / Horticulture / Floriculture) .

Maple Termin (500 ml)

It is used as ORGANIC PEST REPELLENT and can be used for all kinds of cereal crops and vegetables cultivation.

Maple Agriculture Bokashi (1kg)

Bokashi - Manure fermented with EM. When applied in soil, it helps in decomposition of crop residues and stubble's.

GrowMagic (Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer – cold fermentation process with plant growth promoter for prolonged stomata with better yield) – 250 ml


Certified Organic Input

GrowMagic is a unique combination of seaweed fertilizer with plant growth promoter. Bio stimulant GrowMagic contains growth promoting bio stimulants such as auxins, cytokinin, gibberellins, betaines, biologically activated nutrients and hydrolysed protein complexes which aid in cell division of the plant and promote plant growth and tillering. GrowMagic also helps in optimal and prolonged opening of stomata on the leaves of the plant thereby enabling the plant to enhance photosynthesis for a longer period which directly enhances the crop yields. Method of Application Foliar Application: Mix 2- 3 ml. GrowMagic in 1 L of water and spray.

PuviAmphere (Certified Organic input Bio insecticide based on botanical extract for controlling Mites/Trips)-250ml


Certified Organic input

PuviAmphere is a Bio Acaricide / Bioinsecticide based on botanical extract of Pongamia glabra / Pongamia pinnata (Karanj tree). PuviAmphere contains Karanjin as active ingredient and is formulated as 2% Emulsifiable Concentrate (20,000 ppm). PuviAmphere is non-phytotoxic. Mode of Action Alkaloids present in PuviAmphere work as an Insect Growth Regulator and act as an anti-feedant on adult and nymphs of mites and other sucking pests like thrips, jassids, white flies Foliar application: Mix PuviAmphere @ 2ml/ L of water and spray on crop canopy.

Puvicide (Certified Organic input Bioinsecticide based on botanical extract for controlling Larvicide) – 250 ml


Certified Organic input

Puvicide is a biological insecticide based on botanical extract of Annona squamosa (Custard Apple / Seethaphal).  Puvicide contains squamosin (annonin) as active ingredient and is formulated as 1% Emulsifiable Concentrate (10,000 ppm). Puvicide is non phytotoxic and not toxic to higher animals. Foliar application: Mix Puvicide @ 2ml/ L of water and spray on crop canopy. Target Pests Helicoverpa arimigera, Helicoverpa zea, Spodoptera litura, Spodoptera exigua, Earias spp. Achaea Janata, Nephotettix virescens, Bunch caterpillar, Green Leaf Hopper, Leaf Folder, Army worm, Cut Worm.

Rootboom (Certified Organic Input Root Growth Promoter – PGPR, Biofertilizer, Bio-fungistatic cultures, Mycorrhizae, Seaweed, Humic, Fulvic and Vitamins)-250 Gms


Certified Organic input

Rootboom is a unique water-soluble powder formulation of biological rooting inducer comprising of a consortium that incorporates a variety of biofertilizer and bio fungistatic cultures, mycorrhizae, seaweed derivatives, humic and fulvic substances and vitamins that work together to stimulate rooting in the early stages of crop development. Method of Application Nursery drench: Mix 1 g Rootboom in 1 L water and use this solution for drenching the nursery. Spray or Irrigation Rootboom Solution @ 1-1.5 g per L of water once 15 days after sowing and next 30 days after sowing.

PuviPatrol (Eco-friendly, natural origin universal disinfectant , Anti – Bacteria , Fungus, Virus, Algae)-250 ml

PuviPatrol is an Eco-friendly, natural origin universal disinfectant used to disinfect all types of pathogenic micro-organisms. Its an Anti - Bacteria, Fungus, Virus, Algae product. Method of Application: 2.5 to 5 ml in one litre of water and give drenching and spray for tropical disinfection.