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Maple EM.1 Environ (1Ltr)

625.00 599.00
Deodorizing municipal solid waste and convert Biodegradable into useful/safe compost and maintain odor free poultry/cattle/piggery farm.

Maple EM.1 Pashuamrut (1Ltr)

596.00 575.00
Eco friendly, safe and organic feed supplement which is given along with the drinking water of the animal (Poultry, Cattle, Piggery, Horses) helps digestive process.

Maple Animal Bokashi (1kg)

Animal Bokashi feed supplement lowers the requirements of regular medicines, antibiotics, hence reduces the cost of production.

Barrix Housefly Trap


Superior features of Barrix Housefly Lures:

  • Contains highly pure para-pheromones.
  • Kairo / Phero lures are toxic free.
  • Uses highly successful aggregate pheromones.
  • Sustained release through AVP matrix.
  • Bio-degradable formulation.

Special Features of Barrix Domo Trap:

  • Patented &Scientifically designed.
  • Trap thermally stable & recyclable.
  • Protect Lure from UV rays.
  • Sturdy at all climatic conditions.
  • Research based pest alluring colour.
  • Long lasting performance.
  • Ample holding capacity upto 30,000 flies.
Pack contains: 1 Housefly Trap and 1 set Lure