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Rootboom (Certified Organic Input Root Growth Promoter – PGPR, Biofertilizer, Bio-fungistatic cultures, Mycorrhizae, Seaweed, Humic, Fulvic and Vitamins)-250 Gms


Certified Organic input

Rootboom is a unique water-soluble powder formulation of biological rooting inducer comprising of a consortium that incorporates a variety of biofertilizer and bio fungistatic cultures, mycorrhizae, seaweed derivatives, humic and fulvic substances and vitamins that work together to stimulate rooting in the early stages of crop development. Method of Application Nursery drench: Mix 1 g Rootboom in 1 L water and use this solution for drenching the nursery. Spray or Irrigation Rootboom Solution @ 1-1.5 g per L of water once 15 days after sowing and next 30 days after sowing.